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Written by Kelly Reneau   
Friday, 08 July 2011 14:51

Thawing of Frozen Water Lines

The typical symptom of a frozen water line(s) is that one (1) or more of the water fixtures in a building do no provide water. It is necessary to isolate the problem (determine where it is frozen) so that the line can be thawed and to determine whose financial responsibility it is. Since the layout of the individual plumbing systems caries widely, the process of of elimination provided below to isolate the problem is intended to be of a general nature and may need to be tailored to individual sites.

1. The customer should check individual faucets and appliances to see if all water has stopped or only at specific locations with the building.

a) If some faucets are dry and others still work, a line is frozen inside the building and the customer should contact a plumber of his choice at his expense.

b) If all faucets and appliances are dry, the customer should notify the Water Department for further checking.

2. Knowing that all faucets and appliances are dry, the Water Department will disconnect the water meter to determine if water is reaching the building from the water main through the underground service line.

a) If water is reaching the building, this also indicates a frozen line inside the building and the customer should proceed according to paragraph 1-a above. 

b)  If water is not reaching the building, the Water Department will proceed to thaw their end of the underground service line at the Water Department's expense. 

3. If water still does not flow into the building after the Water Department has thawed their end of the underground service line, then it has been determined that the frozen portion is in the customer's end of the underground service line. The customer is financially responsible and may hire a private contractor to thaw the line at his own expense. 

4. After a frozen underground water service line has been thawed, it is strongly recommended that the customer allow a small continuous stream to flow from any faucet to prevent re-freezing. the cost of water used for this purpose is the customer's responsibility. 

**NOTE: Plastic underground service line cannot be thawed.

The Fairmount Water Office can be contacted by calling 765-948-4632 and for after hours and emergency shut offs follow the directions on the voice mail. If you must leave a message someone will contact you shortly.